How to Build a Better Relationship

By Crystal Fike

Throughout my two years at Temple University I have built great relationships with my friends from campus. We participate in many things on campus. We go on trips and grab dinner together. One of my favorite trips was when I went to Washington DC to the Smithsonian museum and when we went to New York City and walked around the parks. I really liked going to the Smithsonian, that was my first time in Washington DC.

Symposium Students.jpg
This is me in the middle, surrounded by friends from Temple, Penn State, Arcadia and Slipper Rock University. We were all at the DREAM Symposium earlier this Spring.

I also went to Harrisburg Pennsylvania for my internship to the Dream Symposium and I made two friends while I was there. One of them was named Brad and the other was Demi. Brad is a blogger like I am and Demi is a student at Penn State Harrisburg. While I was there we presented and talked together. I really enjoyed that experience I met a lot of new people and we had a pizza and tailgate party. We danced, showed school spirit and talked a lot there. It was great!

I think having friends is very important. With friends that’s how you build strong communication skills. To make friends you can’t be shy. You have to want to talk to one another. You can’t just sit there. You have to want to go out because that’s how you will get to know one another better.

When I graduate from Temple University in a few days, I’m going to miss my friends. But I have their numbers and emails so we can keep in contact. Maybe someday the program will create an alumni group so that me and my friends can meet up again after I graduate.

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One thought on “How to Build a Better Relationship

  1. I really enjoyed your blog Crystal. Communicating is really difficult for some people. We need to find which way works best for us.
    We had so much fun at the symposium. I enjoyed meeting new friend and reuniting with old friends. An alumni association would be Great! Count me in.
    I’m happy you enjoyed the dances.
    That’s my way of communicating. Music is a global language.
    Best wishes, hope to see you again,
    B MON$Y


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