The DREAM Symposium

By Brad Lewis

It has not been too long ago I had experienced an incredible journey. I was in Harrisburg to listen to multiple fantastic speakers and at the very end make a speech of my own about my life and my blogs. I would like to take you readers, thru this journey in your minds and I hope you all can imagine how great it truly was.

It all began when the Best Buddies Director asked me to give a speech on the “R” word soon after she read my very first blog. I did prepare a speech for this and I will be honest readers, even though I felt good with the words I wrote down on my paper, it did not stop the crowd from intimidating me any less. If you are not very good with public speaking all I can recommend to you is to take a deep breath, read your speech and always keep an eye on the audience. I was asked to do another speech in Harrisburg soon after that. They also told me I should not prepare anything. This was confusing to me at first, but I listened to what I was told. When the day arrived for me to go to Harrisburg I was more nervous than ever before. I had no idea what I was going to say. I thought I was going to embarrass myself in front of a large crowd of people. When I arrived one of the speakers was making their speech. The room was silent until the speech was over and then someone announced that the Dream bloggers were having a meeting. I went to the meeting and was finally able to shake my bosses hand for the very first time. The rest of the day I pondered over what I was going to say in my speech the next day. That night all of the younger adults went to a pizza party. I am not sure where everyone else went. I sat in a random chair wondering if someone would sit by me. It was not to long before two girls did. I hardly noticed at first because the pizza arrived and I was in a hurry to grab a slice. There were many different types of desserts too that I could not help but to grab some for myself. There was music being played which did make the night fun, but also very hard to hear the people talking to me.

The next day was the day that I feared. It was the day I had to give my speech. I decided not to worry about since I would not be speaking until later in the day. I heard many great speeches. A man spoke about how you should always have a backup plan just in case your first career choice does not work out for you., I listed to both a man and woman speak about how they allow students with disabilities in their school and give them equal opportunities as everyone else. It was then I started to imagine what I was going to say in my speech. There are people out there that do not see people with disabilities as equal. When the time came for me to speak I was so nervous I could hardly keep myself to stand up straight or sit still. It was at that point I forgot about everything I thou7ght I was going to say and then just started speaking. I talked about how I want to feel the connection between myself and my readers, I talked about one of the reasons I blog is because I want high school students to be able to stress less about going away to a college and most importantly I told them people with disabilities are capable of success I told them to leave that room only thinking one thing and that is “yes you can.” That night I played a card game with some other people. They said they liked my speech.

What I want you all to learn today, is that anything can be accomplished as long as you believe you can accomplish it. One of the girls I was hanging out with was Crystal Fike, who is a blogger as well for DREAM. I have read her blogs and found them very impressive. I think she would very much appreciate if you, readers would take a look at her blogs as well. We currently have 127 followers. This is very awesome. Please continue to share this blog with your family and friends in hopes together we can reach 200 followers.

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Crystal 2
Nigel, Crystal and me at the DREAM Symposium!
Crystal 4
All of the student presenters at the DREAM Symposium!

6 thoughts on “The DREAM Symposium

  1. Everyone did such a great job at the symposium.
    We were all inspired by the great stories.
    We thank all of you and we are looking forward to yet another positive year from this wonderful organization.
    Let’s stay focused and positive.
    Best wishes,
    B MON$Y


  2. Great job Brad, I was at the Symposium and would have never guessed that you were never us nor unprepared. You’re a natural. I hope you came away from the symposium feeling just as positive and we’ll informed as we did. Stay focused and “never give up”.
    (Bruno Piroso)


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