City of Brotherly Love!

Hi! My name is Crystal, and when I am not on campus at Temple or doing homework, I like to explore Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love!

My favorite thing to do while in the city is to go to Reading Terminal Market. I also like to go to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and I like to go to the different department stores like Ross and Macy’s.

My mom and I go to Reading Terminal Market to buy meats, fruits and vegetables. For pastries we go to several different bakeries like Belier’s Doughnuts, Famous Fourth Street Cookies and we also go to Termini Brothers Bakery and the Sweet As Fudge candy shop. I like to go to different things in the Pennsylvania Convention Center like the Philadelphia Flower Show. One of my favorite shows to go see in the convention center is the Philadelphia Thrill show where the money that is raised goes to the families of fallen heroes. My mom and I like to go shopping at Ross and Macy’s where we get a good deal on Tuesdays because my mom gets a senior citizen discount. I can never get my mom out of the department stores!

I try to visit the city a lot and I am always hoping that I can see and do different things in the city.

What do you like to do in your city?


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