My Big Family

By Crystal Fike

At the age of 14, I was adopted. I currently live in the house with my mom and oldest sister. In my family, I have three sisters and one brother. From my sisters and brothers I have four nieces and nephews.

I love holidays with my family. My favorite holiday is Christmas. During the holidays, my family gets together and celebrates at each others’ house. If it is not at my house, it is at my sister’s house. My mom and sisters cook while I play and watch the kids. We play the Wii-u in my nephew’s room; my favorite game to play with my nephew is Super Mario. Sometimes I read to my niece and nephew, they like when I read the Bible books to them.

Some of my best memories are of family members who passed away. Even though the holidays are not the same without them, the family still has great memories of them like photos and stories. I remember when my grandma colored her hair for Halloween; it was red, blue, green, purple, brown and black. My mom always felt embarrassed when she would go outside with colored hair. However, I thought it was funny! My grandma always made me laugh! One time I helped my mom lure my grandma back in the house with apple juice.

Lastly, I remember when my family and I went to Florida for sixteen days. While we were there, we went to see The Lion King show. The best part was when the performers did the rain dance they had on pretty colors. After leaving Florida, we went to Canyon Lake near Mexico and went in the water and we also went on the pretty beach.

I value the time with my family because we are always doing fun things if it is not at my house then it is at my sister’s house. I feel that family time motivates me and when I am feeling down, I look to the family for support. I think my family is a great support system to me.

I think that people should be around their family as much as possible. How about you? Is family important to you?

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