The Final Introduction

By Brad Lewis

When some students first start college, their first thought might be that they can party whenever they want without limit. If you are a student going into college having this thought, I am sorry to tell you that is not the case. College is almost like high school. You have to do your homework, study for your tests and read your books. I knew the moment I got to Slippery Rock that college was going to be difficult. It is difficult but it is not impossible to stay on the right track and eventually pass. I am going to share some more stories to you, readers then next month we will discuss more serious topics.


In my last blog post I had previously mentioned I lived in building F. This is the farthest building from the campus. I am glad to tell you I no longer have to struggle with having to leave thirty minutes before class. I am currently living in building B. This is the closest building to the campus. When I first moved in I had a bedroom all to myself. One day I decided to invite a student in one of my classes to live with me and a few weeks later that is exactly what he did. I get along with my roommates. We have never had one argument.

I had to attend the activity fair for one of my classes. This is where I signed up for the Film Society and Best Buddies. The girl I mentioned in the last blog post, the one I went to haunted house with is now my buddy in the club, which I found ironic. We have attended a few events mostly off campus. We went to a dance, went to an ice cream shop and we even went bowling. We may also be attending the Best Buddies friendship walk in April.

I am currently enrolled in two classes, Fundamentals of Acting and Critical Reading. I very much enjoy the Fundamentals of Acting class. The professor is kind and very helpful. The other students in the class are very nice as well. The class is very enjoyable but that does not mean it is easy. You must be able to memorize all of your lines and then perform in front of the class. In my personal opinion, the hardest part of this class will be performing my auto drama. The auto drama is simply a biography of your life. I have done something like this in another acting class and all the stories I have heard were very sad. I very much doubt this will be any different. My other class, Critical Reading is a more difficult class in my opinion. You must read and analyze stories. That may not sound very difficult, but I will inform you, that it is not nearly as easy as it sounds. The stories are confusing and most are very difficult to make any connections to.   The teacher tries to make the class interesting, but the more stories I read, the more I am questioning my abilities as a writer. I am still deciding on a major for college and that will be determined if this writing class starts to get better.  When you first start out at college you may already know what you want your major to be or you may be like me and be unsure what you want your major to be. This is not a problem at all. If you are like me and you are uncertain what you want your major to be, my recommendation is to use your freshman year as a year of discovery and you will eventually discover what you want to major in.

Here I am on campus!

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2 thoughts on “The Final Introduction

  1. Great job Brad! I enjoyed reading it. One question through for you, i want you to think hard about it, if you didn’t become a writer, what would you want to become then? I know your passionate, what is your passion? Have a great spring break bud!


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