Campus Safety & College

Hi my name is Crystal Fike and I am from Vineland, New Jersey, and currently live in Philadelphia with my adoptive family. I am 23 going on 24 and will be graduating from Temple University Academy for Adult Learning in May of this year. I had a good experience at Temple University, and I am giving advice for other people with disabilities and sending out a message for the other college students with disabilities to never let anybody tell you that you cannot do what they do!

As a student at Temple University in a busy city, safety comes first for all the students. Temple takes many precautions including having emergency phone towers, they also have bike cops on campus along with security guards in all the buildings. Additionally security staff can escort you to your door, which is a door-to-door shuttle.

Temple University in located in North Philadelphia and with all the good that comes with the city, there are some bad things as well. Temple works with the Philadelphia Police to ensure safety on campus. Temple has what you call “emergency towers” throughout campus when you press it, it will alert campus police that you are in need of some kind of help. Temple also has bike cops riding on campus during the day and night to make sure that while you are on campus nothing will happen to you. In every building on campus, they have security from Allied Barton to make sure only students can access the building not the wrong people accessing the buildings. Temple is also known for their bright lights. In fact, Temple is the most brightly lit region on the Philadelphia map!

I feel safe knowing the staff at Temple care about my safety and that they have tight security to ensure the safety of everyone on campus including me. If safety is one of your priorities, then Temple is the place for you to go!

Temple can only do their part, but you must practice safety tips as well. What are some of your safety tips that have worked for you on campus?

By Crystal Fike

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