Great Experiences with Mentors

Hi! My name is Crystal Fike and I am a senior at Temple University’s Academy for Adult Learning. As a part of the academy, I am given a mentor to hangout with and to explore the campus.

Here are some of the fun events I did on campus with my mentors. We toured the career center viewing all the different jobs that are on campus. We also got to do some exercising by going to the gym, playing basketball and volleyball.

As a group, my mentor, me and some of the academy students, went to the football games and the field hockey games together. Last year, for Valentine’s Day, my mentor and I went to an event in the student center. That night we went to a sorority date auction in Mitten Hall. One of my favorite events was the show called God See Dog, which we saw in the Randall Theater. It was about a lot of kids playing Charlie Brown. The best scene was when the boys end up telling the girls off about sitting at the lunch table.

During my time on campus I got to do a lot with my mentors like doing homework and recreational activities. Because of my mentor I got to explore the campus and meet nice people like the staff in the career center. Because of my experience I think everybody should have a mentor. I believe that they can help them explore the campus like me and my mentors did.

Here is a photo of my mentors, I am standing in the middle:


-Crystal Fike, Temple University



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