I’ve Been Framed!

By Nigel Abduh

Have you ever heard of Pic Jointer? In 2013, I was using an app called Split Image for photo collage, the app then recommended an app called Pic Jointer. Pic Jointer is a photo-composing and editing app that is available for iPhone, Android and Windows. The app allows you to outline your photos with customized frames. It also comes with handcrafted filters to beautify your photos. Users can also add backgrounds such as colors and patterns, place stickers to decorate photos, and add colorful text to express themselves easily.

Pic Jointer collects a photo from your photo library, edits the frames, collages the photo and saves it to your library. The first time you will try the app it you may not understand it at first but as you continue to explore the app more, you will learn it in a short amount of time.

The User’s Experience

This app is free in the app store on your device. The user can also purchase upgrades with extra features. This app is for anyone who wants to manage and customize their photos. For example, kids who want to have fun with their photos or rising photographers who want to give their photos a better look.

My experience with Pic Jointer throughout the past three years has been a fun app to use. It has been a good source to organize my pics. It also saves room in my photo library. Most of the time, I use the app to put photo collages for my selfies, or for pictures of clothes that I have in my photo library. I put the clothes together in a four square frame to make outfits.

Ad Pop-ups!

Although this app is fast-running, about every 10 seconds a commercial will pop-up, sometimes it will give you 5 seconds to skip the ad. Regardless of the commercials, with Pic Jointer you will have the opportunity to create unique photos, custom frames, and creative collages. I would recommend this app to anyone who is interested in customizing their photos.

Why is Pic Jointer Important?

Pic Jointer shows a unique way to manage your photos. For Example, if you went on a vacation and you took a certain amount of pictures and you need a place to store your photos, you can put your photos in any amount of frames in the app.

In conclusion

If you need an app that creates frames and collages, Pic Jointer is an app I highly recommend. It is manageable and makes it easy to organize your pics!



Has anyone else ever used Pic Jointer?  If so, what other creations have you’ve made? I would love to see them and would love my readers to see them as well!

For more information on Pic Jointer, click the link below for the app:




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