My Holiday Baking Spree

By Tory Christie-Campolongo, Student at Penn State-Harrisburg

Over the years each holiday I have baked cookies and many sweets— but not as many as I made this year. My Mom has dubbed me the Baking Queen and my Dad has changed his favorite holiday cookie from the traditional Pizzelle to my latest creation, the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookie. This year I made six batches of Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookies because they kept disappearing and it wasn’t even Christmas yet.

I decided to make different kinds and colors of cookies for the holiday and started to bake a week before Christmas. My first cookie, the former family favorite Pizzelle, was made on our crippled (Change word to challenged) Pizzelle maker with a propped-up broken foot that held up pretty well while I pressed out the cookies. Then I decided to go “glam” and make some “BonBon” cookies filled with fruit, chocolate and nuts, a complicated but tasty recipe. I added the traditional Spritz and Snickerdoodles and some Peppermint Candy Canes for color and viola`, my holiday cookie baking was done.

Tory Cookies.png

There were tins of cookies all over the coffee table, ready for the holiday. I made so many cookies this year that I decided to take some into work and all my co-workers loved them. Even at home my family ate most of them. My Mom and Dad loved them so much that I had to hide them from them in case they ate too much.

One thing I learned when baking is you always have to follow the recipe or else if you miss even one ingredient your cookies will turn out flat or taste bad. I learned that last year when I baked some Pizzelles. I forgot the butter and my Dad could tell right away that I was missing something in my cookies— but he ate them anyway. This year I followed all my cookie recipes and they all turned out really well and made a hit with everyone— especially the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies. In case you are interested in a delicious cookie, here’s where to find the recipe:

I may not be quite ready for the Great British Baking Show, but I am fired up and on my way to baking stardom with my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. If not, there is always Dancing with the Stars…

Hope you are all having a Happy New Year and Jolly Good Baking to all!



5 thoughts on “My Holiday Baking Spree

  1. Oh Tory, you just made me hungry and all I have to snack on is cereal. I have my grandmother’s pizelle recipe. They are wafer thin and yummy! I’ll share.


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