DREAM welcomes Blogger Tory Christie-Campolongo

Hi there! I am 25 years old, was adopted from my birthplace of Romania at the age of two months, and spent my preschool years in Philadelphia, PA. I relocated to the Harrisburg area where I went to public school and graduated with high school and vocational school degrees. I then attended a three-year post high school program for students with learning disabilities at Riverview School in Cape Cod Massachusetts. In 2012 I returned to the mid-state and took courses at Harrisburg Area Community College for three years. In the fall of 2016, I began my first year in the Career Studies Program at the Penn State University, Harrisburg campus, in Middletown, PA. I live with my parents and our Japanese Chin dogs, Bon Bon and Chibi, and am in my fourth year of part-time work at the local Salvation Army Family Store. My career ambitions are to get a steady job with opportunity for upward mobility in the retail service sector so I can to earn enough money to pay for things that I need and want. My goal is to live independently, travel, meet people and enjoy what life has to offer while contributing to society.


I am a social media person who likes to blog and reblog about current events, issues of interest and to exchange opinions, photographs, and information with others in my blog group and on Facebook. I am an amateur photographer, and have taken three college courses, two in digital photography and one in silver screen photography involving black and white film development and special effects, at Harrisburg Area Community College. I enjoy talking with people and learning new things that I can share ideas and opinions with others. I am computer-skilled, in WORD (with a real appreciation for spell-check!), PowerPoint, and Excel.

I am excited about my blogging job because I am outgoing and like to communicate with folks and to learn about people, places, and things, while exchanging opinions and ideas with others.


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One thought on “DREAM welcomes Blogger Tory Christie-Campolongo

  1. Hello Tory,

    You have a very interesting story. You can use your story to influence and inspire others in a way. Keep up the good work.


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