Introducing Nigel!

All of us at DREAM Partnership are thrilled to introduce you to Nigel Abduh! Nigel attends Arcadia University and is in the REAL Certificate Program. Studying, researching and exploring a career path in journalism and music, becoming a DREAMJOB Blogger is a perfect fit for Nigel. Nigel states “I am excited about this opportunity because it will allow us to put out our discoveries and express our opinions on subjects that matter to us.”

In the very near future, look for posts from Nigel as he plans to keep us updated on many of the latest tools and gadgets for our communication devices and follow Nigel as he makes his dream of working in the journalism and music field a reality! Congratulations Nigel!nigel-square-selfie

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One thought on “Introducing Nigel!

  1. Nigel,
    Congrats! Proud of you!
    Can’t wait until March 22. We are going to Rock the house.
    Peace out N. I.
    Your friend,


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